Welcome to the RNA-processing and therapeutics lab!

We are located in the Neurosciences Area of Biodonostia Health Research Institute:

  • Biodonostia HRI (http://www.biodonostia.org/en/) is a national and international centre of reference in the field of health research, giving priority to promoting translational research. The institute is arranged in 7 subject areas that bring together around 350 researchers.

The group has two research priorities:

  • To study non-coding genetic mutations and misregulation of RNA-processing events in human neurological disorders.

  • To develop RNA-targeting CRISPR-Cas systems as a personalised therapeutic strategy for RNA-processing disorders.

We have received funding to develop our research ideas:

- 'Ramon y Cajal' and 'Ikerbasque Fellow' research contracts, starting in August 2020, awarded to Lorea Blazquez. 

- A health research project from Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII), PI19/00468, to develop CRISPR-dCas13 system as a general technology platform to deliver antisense RNAs and correct specific RNA-processing events in neurodegenerative diseases.